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The headquarter of Feeder Logistics shifted to in Dubai early 2019

Feeder Logistics has found in 2019 with a small scope of SOC bookings and freight forwarding business where Feeder is registered as a group of 3 companies. The names are FEEDER LINES LLC, FEEDER PORT LCC & FEEDER LOGISTICS DMCC. As time passed, a separate office was made in Karachi in August 2021 for Feeder Logistics.

The Company deals in all Shipping functions mainly Vessel handling operations, container slot services, Handling of COC Reefer /DRY containers & transportation. With a solid background in vessel, slot operation, and own box movement through the group's Dubai and Karachi offices, Feeder Logistics is positioned strongly to operate its own container ship from Dubai to Karachi. Currently, we are handling 2 container ships on this route.

Our Mission

Facilitate Global Trade

To be a resource partner for all Logistics functions for our valuable clients in expanding their businesses, providing a distinctive level of services and solutions to facilitate global trade, that customers recommend to others, Vendors select for their client, Employees are proud of, and headquarter & investors seek for long term returns.

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Feeder Logistics Pakistan has been the outcome of a decade-long pursuit to deliver a one-stop, gold standard Logistical Solution provider, in Pakistan. The knowledge and expertise acquired by working in the Shipping and Trade Sector with Industry leaders for over 10 years culminated in the establishment of this Enterprise back in 2019. I am truly proud of the hard work, dedication, and relentless drive of my team and indebted to my colleagues, customers & vendors in the field, who have entrusted us with their cargo, over these years and continue to support us by prioritizing us as their carrier of choice. In this dynamic and highly volatile industry, in spite of the ever-evolving challenges I am certain that with the expertise, professionalism, and passion to deliver only the very best, the future holds great promise for us.


Our Founder
Our Vision
Our Vision

Technological Advancements In Logistics

To excel in our services and to deliver more to our business associates all over the world. We believe in growth through all types of technological advancements in logistics and freight forwarding, innovations, and continuous improvement in our operations.